Blog Post 1 Question 1

As technology is being developed in a daily basis we can also distinguish the use of social media is getting more complex. If we compare the abilities that we have nowadays to share our opinions and interests with the ones we had in the 90s it is clear that even though not lots of years have passed the tools we have are better. Hyperlinks are being used on our everyday lives and possibly we don’t even realize it anymore. Basically what a hyperlink does is to move us to websites by just clicking on it. Non-traditionally now hyperlinks can also be tools to perform actions for us quicker such as buying staff.
In my opinion we are really dependent on hyperlinks if we consider the times that we saw something and just by clicking on it we are transferred to a different webpage. Another point is that the influence hyperlinks have on us is also essential if we actually think that the opinion we may have for someone will also affect the possibility of us clicking on it. Either hyperlinks are an easy way of transferring to somewhere without having to look for it much.
Something that is strongly connected with hyperlinks is sharing. Sharing is a really innovative way to show to our community of interest our opinions based on something we as individuals like. . It can be anything you want from a picture to a text and usually has a good significance not only to us but to other people as they might feel acknowledged. Likewise hyperlinks sharing also depends on the person and the significance its going to draw.
I think that both sharing and hyperlinks can be considered as a way of forming new trends especially nowadays where everything almost in online and connected. It might have a point like sharing your political views or even just for entertainment however their purpose is to engage with people. Last but not least the reason that these affordances are getting really popular is because they are really easy to use and it has become a trend lately to share stuff on social networking websites like Facebook and twitter and their use is to promote ideas really fast.
Something that only came up lately would be vines which basically are videos of 7 seconds usually who tend to be funny but basically have no meaning. This is a great example in my opinion of how sharing can effect in something becoming popular really fast. In conclusion my opinion about the above affordances is that they are helpful but usually miss leaded by our society.


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