Spring is finally here

Spring is finally here

Here we go again, its the same thing happening all over again but for a weird reason I m actually keen to have a blog again. I m pretty sure I ll regret it by the end of the term as I’m not really a consistent person but I dont really get a choice here. So I thought the least I can do to make it less suffer able is to have a theme that I m really into.
So I should probably start by introducing my self and my blog. My name is Chrysa and Im a student in Media Arts. It has been 2 really quick years since Ive moved in Australia with my family and I can say that of course I miss my country (which btw is Greece). But it hasnt been a day that I ve looked back and regret coming here. Everyday is so unique and even though I ve had my ups and downs I guess only this one little thing I should say, which is photography has caught my attention and no matter what Im doing or how busy I am I will always find some time to just grab my camera and just escape. It doesnt matter the place or the time I am I always get a sense of accomplishment I guess you can say which will just make me feel better.
Anyway so I guess that s enough talking so above or bellow (not really sure how WordPress works) is my picture which is quite irrelevant right now as most of the trees have bloomed out but I guess you can see that spring is finally here.


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